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Solutions for the prevention and cure of diseases on the basis of nature. 
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From pharma: Chairman Eddy Arnoldussen (biochemistry, business economics) worked in senior management positions in the pharmaceutical industry in the West and Far East. 

To nutrition and imbalance as the cause of dis-eases:
  • Eddy got a burn-out and depression and was determined to figure out how these dis-eases arise biochemically in your body and how this can be diagnosed. After a four-year scientific research, he and a great team found biomarkers to diagnose burn-out and depression. The final scientific confirmation study will be finalized soon.
  • In this research many clues are found about biochemical processes and imbalances in our cells, which are the probable cause of many chronic diseases.
  • Based on these insights, supplements have been developed (you can buy in the webshop). Helpful in restoring imbalances in the cell (by a loss of minerals due to physical/mental stress and because of the diminishing amount of minerals in our soil and food) and in reducing inflammatory processes (correcting the omega 3/6 ratio).

Eddy and his team are dedicated to develop and offer non-profit, sustainable and affordable healthcare solutions based on:   
  • Power of nature: By generating scientific knowledge & solutions about the influence of nutrition (and supplements) on our health and the (dis)appearance of dis-ease. 
  • Power of people: By informing and coaching people about the importance of mindset, lifestyle and consciousness (of causes and prevention of dis-ease and stress).‚Äč

Secretary: Paul Luiten Prof. MD. Em.
Emeritus Professor Molecular neurobiology and biologic psychiatry.

Treasurer: Niek Huisma MSc.
Commercial director at ABN AMRO MeesPierson. 
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Brain Nutrients Foundation is a "Public Benefit Organisation" (Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI).
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